Meet Dr. Brightwell

Building Professional Yet Personal Relationships

Dr. Brightwell has more than 30 years of experence in the dental field and will never settle for less than his very best when it comes to your oral healthcare. Dr. Brightwell loves establishing a professional yet personal relationship with each patient. This is accomplished by treating each person as an individual, in a respectful, gentle, and caring manner.  By spending time talking with and listening to his patients, he’s able to understand what each person really wants, and thereby ensure everyone develops the healthy smile they desire.

From his earliest memories, Dr. Brightwell was drawn to the sciences: He wanted to understand how we’re put together and what makes our bodies work. This natural curiosity, along with the positive experiences he had with his childhood dentist, led Dr. Brightwell to the profession.

Dr. Brightwell understands and respects that every patient has unique concerns and goals for dental health. He strives to understand what a patient seeks and then creates a treatment plan that’s tailored to the person’s specific clinical situation, to deliver lasting, beautiful results.

Education and Continuing Education

After receiving his dental degree, Dr. Brightwell completed a general practice residency at the Kansas City Veterans Administration Medical Center. His training and experience included rotations through anesthesia, pediatric dentistry, pathology, oral surgery, and the emergency department.

Throughout his career, Dr. Brightwell has completed many continuing education courses. Dentistry is a constantly changing field, with new technologies, materials, and treatment modalities being developed. By staying current on these new options, Dr. Brightwell ensures his patients receive the best care approach to their situation.

Dr. Brightwell is also a past associate clinical professor at UMKC School of Dentistry, where he taught in the areas of quality assurance and emergency dental care.

Professional Memberships

Beyond the Practice

Dr. Brightwell grew up in Raytown, Missouri. He moved to Overland Park and lived there from 1986 to 2006. That year, after their children left home, Dr. Brightwell and his wife Kim moved to Olathe. The couple has two adult children: Matt and Erin. Currently, their family home is patrolled by Phoebe, a great mouser!

Dr. Brightwell enjoys the great outdoors: visiting national parks, and hunting and fishing. His priority, though, is time with family and friends. Having grown up in KC and attended a local high school and college less than two hours away, Dr. Brightwell has maintained many lifetime friendships.

Giving Back

Dr. Brightwell believes in supporting his community and helping others. He volunteers his professional services and time with the:

  • Kansas Mission of Mercy
  • Kansas Foundation of Dentistry for the Handicapped
  • Donated Dental Services program
  • Wy/Jo Care, the charitable program run by the Medical Society of Johnson and Wyandotte County

He’s also active in his church, where he serves as an usher, volunteers at a local food kitchen, and raises funds for mission work in Africa.

Patient Love